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  • Safety in our childhood is most the important psychological factor of healthy personality development. Security is fundamental value for each human being. Lack of safety provokes fear, anger and emotional instability in a child. Of course it is very important how much love, attention, opportunities to self-expression, space for creativity the kid receives form their parents, teachers, from people who surround then in day to day life.
  • Z and Alpha generation children have already been born in the digital environment, they have a very exceptional „family member„ , „friend“ or a „coach“ – the internet. So the aim of my project is to teach children to recognize and value (evaluate) the dangers of virtual space and to involve children to create a safer environment on the Internet, giving kids a voice – possibility to express their own opinion, emotions is an important step in raising awareness in our society. ➢ According to sociologists children do not represent the future, they develop it, and often, we, the older ones, have something to learn from.